"Sir Walter Scott" recommends


Pick of the UK and Commonwealth

The Walter Scott Prize Academy released their twenty recommended historical novels to have been published in the last year across the UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries. Speakeasy is on the list. The academy is sponsored by the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch.

About the book


In this literate and action-packed historical thriller, set during World War II, a plucky code-breaker fights to keep a deadly secret as her Bonnie-and-Clyde past threatens to catch up with her.

Thirty-year-old Lena Stillman is living a perfectly respectable life when a shocking newspaper headline calls up her past: it concerns her former lover, charismatic bank robber Bill Bagley. A romantic and charming figure, Lena had tried to forget him by resuming her linguistic studies, which led to her recruitment as a Navy code-breaker intercepting Japanese messages during World War II. 

But can Lena keep her own secrets? Threatening notes and the appearance of an old diary that recalls her gangster days are poised to upset her new life. 

Whom can she really trust? Is there a spy among the code-breakers? And who is it that wants her dead?


The sequel, Doublespeak, will be published in spring 2019.

By Douglas & McIntyre in Canada and St. Martin's Press in America. Pre-order now on Amazon.